Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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Re: Review of the J1 and V1 are up

I have to say I found the review content very fair. I certainly find the DPR reviews highly dependable in giving me the objective facts about a camera's performance and pros/cons.

The overall evaluation is then much more subjective. You have to have a context and use-case and weighting of attributes. DPR have done this, and I think it is a fair basis for their conclusion. But no single weighting/context/use-case is "the truth". Personally, I think they've taken too literally the "P&S upgrader" segment targeting. It is also a direct competitor for the m43 and NEX systems for enthusiasts.

As a P&S upgrader camera, the auto-iso programme is poor. If I were Nikon, I'd be glad the biggesst weakness is something so easily fixed in firmware!

As an enthusiast camera, the weaknesses are the firmware quirks (irritating but ultimately trivial) and the lens selection. BUT, the strengths are the operating speed, AF, metering, colour/tone, compactness (10-30 and 30-110 much more compact than m43 and a fraction the size of NEX), built in EVF. Pretty much the only major negative is the image detail for the big print landscape shooter. I tend to think DPR over-weight the image detail/manual control thing for enthusiast cameras. As many of the pros reviews show, there are many serious users who have no need for 24MP etc.

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