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Re: Number of entries per Challenge

As a new host, I'm trying to find a middle ground between what entrants want and what voters prefer. I know how it feels to miss out on a challenge because it fills up too fast -- but I also want those who enter photos in my challenges to have the benefit of as many voters as they can. The more entries I allow, the less voters they will probably have. That also increases the possibility for cheaters to have more of an effect as well. I do set my limits according to the specific challenge as well. If it's a subject matter that I feel will benefit from less entries I'll set it between 50-60, if I think it could handle more it will be 75-100. I don't see myself ever going over 100 though. That's just too many for voters (I'm also a voter, and I rarely vote on those large challenges either since my time is limited).

I'm also considering a compromise of having limited entries, but if the challenge is very popular repeating it in a few months. Those who missed out would have to wait till it comes around again though. This would be okay for challenges with no capture date rule, but not so much if you spent time creating an entry and then found it was full. So then perhaps a larger entry limit for challenges with capture date rules, lower for those with none. Just thinking out loud.


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