Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

Those were a few of the shots I already had loaded on DPReview in the gallery while I was I was stuck with a long airport delay last night.

Sorry, this curiosity of the system got started with a trip that I made to Kenya where I've posted that I could have used about two more stops of available lens speed or ISO. On that trip I used the GH2 and 100-300 for 95% of my shooting and > 75% was at the 300mm end of the 100- 300 lens. What I could have used is a way to put the 100-300mm on a gimbal instead of handheld for everything. So, with the Nikon I get f2.8 and if I want to use a teleconverter I can still go longer and stay faster.

I did not in any way say that the Nikon 1 is more robust system etc.. I did say that I was testing it out for long lens use.

What I will say is that Nikon got it very right with the power they put into they system. On the G3 if I do a burst of just three shots even with a fast card I have to wait a while to review the shots and it gets annoying. Just not the case on the V1. The processing power they put in the camera should be a lesson to m4/3.

Silent shooting with the electronic shutter also works quite well.

Again - nowhere did I pronounce it a better system overall right now. But then again the combo of the V1 and NEX 7 will probably end up replacing my m4/3 kit.

micksh6 wrote:

TEBnewyork wrote:

If you want to take advantage of the crop factor the 70-200 f2.8 (approx 190-540mm) makes for a very fast long lens.

Seriously? $2400 lens and 1.5 kilogram heft is all what I need to get advantage of Nikon 1 system? Where can I sign?

BTW, most of your shots are with F5.6. I guess you could as well use Nikon 70-300mm on DX body and crop a bit. 5 times cheaper, 3 times lighter.

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