Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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Re: I don't agree - I think DPR messed up

R Butler wrote:

Actually, our concern is that the camera is likely to let down the camera buyer with simple needs. We tried to give credit for the AF system but in the point-and-shoot Auto modes, the camera makes some very odd shutter speed/ISO choices in anything less than good light.

The conclusion makes clear where the Nikon 1's strengths lie and, as we say, for some uses, it's the only game in town. But as a point-and-shoot mirrorless camera (and an expensive one at that) we believe it will let a lot of people down.

Richard -

Is that not why it has a SHUTTER PRIORITY AUTO MODE? Nikons auto modes are implemented differently from the others but that doesn't mean it is less capable. Just choose another auto mode. It is explained in the manual.

The V1 is not more expensive than the EP3 or NEX with EVF. (Again)

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