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Re: The novice argument is a red herring

Such sophisticated users are very limited in this world today. If Nikon is targeting such kind of user, Nikon 1 system will only fail. It is because such limited numbers of sophisticated users may not choose Nikon 1.

Moreover, while even prosumer or normal point and shoot have bracketing and histrograms, they are not luxuries. They are just like a CD/MP3 player in a car. You can still drive a car without MP3 player, but many people will simply consider another model if they cannot play music in the car.

Wellington100 wrote:

TEBnewyork wrote:

But that is the whole point. A sophisticated system for sophisticated users wouldn't leave off bracketing, live histogram, no turn off of image review, no mode dial, no quick menu....

Ironically though, without those features, the sophisticated user is more able to adapt to the cameras capabilities than is the hypothetical novice, these limitations make it even more likely that the camera is suitable for sophisticated users who know their way around exposure compensation, spot metering and such like.

Bracketing and histograms are luxuries, not necessities.

I like the V1 and am enjoying using it but both sets of users are left wanting something more in certain areas (functionality).

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