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Re: I agree with you.....

Petruska wrote:

there are no reasons to use the OEM profiles and have PS manages colors if you are using OEM inks and papers.

As you stated if you print both ways in PS, PS manages colors and use the OEM profiles, or the printer manages colors using the printer driver settings, you hardly see any differences, if any at all.

With the printer managing colors it prevents a lot of grief to new users trying to color manage and usually end up double profiling.

As you also state you only need custom profiles when using 3rd party inks or papers.

Yes, this could well be the case. Most of my comparative experience has been with Red River papers, which I find quite often to give more satisfactory results than the Canon PhotoPaper Pro papers with the Pro9000 II (and 6700D) printers, particularly in the extent of the red gamut and the whiteness of the paper. However, both paper types give excellent results.

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