Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: Narrow in one sense

micksh6 wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

True, but they'd better be outdoor kids. DPR wasn't happy with indoor performance at all.

It must be added that they better be outdoor kids in bright sunlight. According to review overcast is a borderline where PDAF can be deactivated and N1 will trail behind other MILCs in CDAF.

Then it gets interesting. Is Nikon 1's CDAF inferior to other vendor's CDAF?

And N1 users get other stuff in focus with their kids too, because background separation is minimal. If background separation is not important, how about closing aperture a bit and have everything in focus? This is what P&S cameras could do since long time ago.

That's good for macro work, I suppose.

A lack of wide angle lenses will be much worse than the M43 situation - especially for legacy lenses -- due to the crop factor.

The upshot for M43 is that I don't think a bunch of lens manufacturers will jump ship to start building lenses for Nikon 1. The future for M43 lenses looks good. M43 camera sales will continue to take some customers from both P&S upgraders and DSLR downsizers. Nikon 1 will compete for first-time camera owners and P&S upgraders but won't capture many DSLR owners except for a few Nikon diehards. Sony's NEX will remain M43's biggest competition.

Ray Sachs wrote:

LincolnB wrote:

Their recommendation was limited to P&S upgraders shooting fast moving objects in bright light. That's narrow.

Narrow in the sense of what photography can be and is for a lot of US, but probably a pretty huge market segment - anyone with active kids who wants something better than a P&S would be a good candidate. Narrow and broad at the same time.


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