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BackInTheGame wrote:

The NEX 5N is fine for landscape/cityscape type photos, or for people sitting or standing still. But the AF system is Atrocious with a capital A. In less than good light focus accuracy is pretty bad, so this takes away from sensor performance, which can be D7000 like in the right circumstances. For children at play the 5N is near useless. To use the camera in these circumstances one must emulate a P&S by stopping down to the point of degrading the photo. But DPR saw 79 points, and they saw it on sensor performance alone. There is nothing else to like about the camera. I know. I sold one.

So the thing to do is just ignore these irrelevant reviews. Get the camera that performs the way you want it to perform. If you aren't sure, talk to friends and co-workers who take pictures. Or do what I did. Buy several (one at a time of course) and sell them if they disappoint you. I stopped on the V1, and along with my favorite DSLR this is where I will stay.

My sediments exactly ! WC
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