Nikon Spanked By m4/3 in DPR Review?

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Re: What If They Were Samsungs?

I think you're talking about a fate worse than that of the Pentax Q, which is currently languishing in sales.

The DPR staff have serious reservations about the ability of the Nikon 1 to serve their intended target -- point & shoot upgraders who stay in Auto mode. Even so, they're predicting Nikon will sell millions. DPR worries these millions will be let down by the Auto ISO issues, WB issues, etc.

They've jumped onto a thread on the Nikon 1 forum and expanded their point of view a bit:

ADSinger wrote:

Not to call out Samsung, but if these Nikons had come from a second tier manufacturer, they would be in jeopardy of being laughed off the market. At their price point and performance level they would be deemed unacceptable. But with the magic Nikon name they will undoubtedly sell well, perhaps better than the m4/3 models. Doebn't make 'em better though...


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