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The novice argument is a red herring

Barney Britton wrote:

topstuff wrote:

Here is my thinking..

DPR have not given sufficient weight to the single most important element of why people buy a new camera..

DPR said :

"If you want to shoot moving subjects in good light with a small (ish) camera then the J1 and V1 really are the only game in town"

MILLIONS of people buy a new camera with EXACTLY these requirements ! People buy cameras because they are going on holiday or having kids and they want to capture the moment.

If the Nikon 1 cameras " really are the only game in town" then the DPR overall score should be weighted to reflect this.

I own a NEX5N. The AF and exposure accuracy out of the camera sucks compared to the Nikon. The Nikon V1 is clearly superior in this respect.

Yet, if you look at the scores, many potential buyers will reject the Nikon and get the Sony simply because of the scoring. This would be a mistake for the MILLIONS of people who specifically want a camera to shoot moving objects in good light - in other words kids and family while on holiday...

DPR are guilty in my opinion of forgetting the needs of the purchaser. Lets not forget that the overwhelming majority of camera buyers have SIMPLE needs. They are NOT photo geeks. Yet, many will come to this site in search of guidance.

The overall scores of the DPR review are skewed incorrectly in my opinion for this simple reason.

In the REAL world of casual photographers, the things the Nikon 1 does well trump the more esoteric things that DPR have given too much weight to.

You screwed up , guys.

And that's coming from a NEX user !!

So you're a casual photographer with simple needs - that's when you need an Auto ISO system that works. That's when you need in-camera distortion correction to remove the need to head over to a computer, and that's when you need quick and simple access to key shooting settings.
This is our point - the J1 and V1 will let novices down, in some respects.

Who are these mysterious novices you are talking about. People upsizing from super budget P&S cameras will probably be more than happy with advanced P&S cameras with PASM like the Canon S100 or Fuji X10 or a budget PASM bridge camera. At a push they might consider an EPM1 or a GF3 on special.

Entry level compact users are not the market for one of the most expensive and sophisticated mirrorless camera systems released to date.

On the other hand, advanced compact camera users looking for more IQ in mirrorless are not novices, they are sophisticated shooters who have learned to milk every last drop of IQ out of their little cameras and are looking for more. They know what they are looking for and will take to the V1 or advanced M4/3 like ducks to water. Coming from compacts, the Nikons are liberating not limiting

DSLR users migrating down to the V1/J1 ought to be competent shooters by and large as well

The only other source of novices are people genuinely new to photography and I can't see why on earth they would start out with the V1 or J1 when there are unprecedented options for them in the market at a fraction of the price.

In conclusion, if your rating has been skewed because of your concern for novices, I too think you have erred on the side of caution and that you should rate the camera assuming advanced amateurs will be the user base, as well as Nikon DSLR users buying it as a back up with the adaptor.

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