Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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Lasse Eisele
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Sorry, but I don't understand

Barney Britton wrote:

So you're a casual photographer with simple needs - that's when you need an Auto ISO system that works. That's when you need in-camera distortion correction to remove the need to head over to a computer, and that's when you need quick and simple access to key shooting settings.
This is our point - the J1 and V1 will let novices down, in some respects.

I don't understand why you think in-camera distortion correction is important when the lenses are already reasonably well corrected. I have only spent a few hours with a J1 and a 10-30 mm lens and, yes, there is some barrel distortion at the wide end, but in my opinion not more than with my M4/3 lenses after the in-camera distortion correction (e.g. my Oly 9-18 or 14-42). And my now dead and buried 18-200 mm DX Nikkor exhibited much worse distortion. So what's the problem? How many casual shooters will even notice the distortion?


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