24-70 2.8 dissatisfaction

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Re: 24-70 2.8 dissatisfaction - Hello, Nikon Service?

In my experience with El Segundo, they will forward the repair matter to Melville, NY for approval and confirmation, and you may find your invoice to be coming from Melville and not El Segundo, CA too. I always thought that was odd and certainly not the fastest communication setup for warranty, but that's where the USA distributor is and they run the show and pay the bills.

I usually hand-carry my stuff to them in El Segundo and get it back in about 8-12 days on my doorstep. The first 3-4 days is just to get it into their computer system (El Segundo to NY and back again) and weekends slow it down a lot. You may not see it in their system until next Tuesday. Once in there and approved by Mellville, it moves pretty quickly and I got my 'Shipped notice' and the box arrived on the same day (Go figger? Maybe NY is sending out the notice again after El Segundo informs them of "Completed & shipped," but I'm one day for shipping from El Segundo too.). Just watch their repair site, but remember it takes time and you want to check to make certain it doesn't get tagged as a "Non-warranty due to impact damage." where it slows it down even more and costs big $$$ too.

I'd guess it to take about 3 weeks overall if you shipped it yourself from some distance. If you take it into a dealer and they ship it off and get it back to them, call it 5 weeks - and I know about that from first experience as well from the repair guy in Samy's Camera in Culver City maybe 10 miles from them too. Only advantage is to save the $20 in shipping if the dealer will cover the repair issue, but it sure is slow if they do.


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