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Re: I don't get the 1 System at all

Telefoto wrote:

I had absolutely zero interest in the 1 when it was announced, and the more I learn about it, the more scared I am for Nikon's future. They apparently haven't noticed how fast the P&S market is being destroyed by smart phones?

That's exactly why I got the J1 and I think Nikon is very smart here.

I have not owned a P&S since 2003, the last one is a 3MP P&S digital camera which was bigger than a J1.

I have been using my camera phone and DSLRcombinations for years. I even have one of the very rare optical-zoom phones Nokia N93i.

I don't see a reason to have a P&S other than digital zoom on phone vs optical zoom on P&S. But I see a lot of reasons I need something more compact that my D300S, wihch I can't bring every where with me or not to get other people's attention.

And the J1 with 10mm is one of the smallest mirrorless you can get other than the Pentax Q.

(the first one I ruled out is the Sony NEX series, the bulk size of the lens make it to compete in the DSLR, not in the mirrorless compact. All other M4/3 lens are larger than Nikon 1 lens too)

So far I'm very happy in taking the white J1 with me and not the get big attention (other than people are commenting on how pretty it is)

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