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Re: I don't agree - I think DPR messed up

topstuff wrote:

Here is my thinking..

DPR have not given sufficient weight to the single most important element of why people buy a new camera..

DPR said :

"If you want to shoot moving subjects in good light with a small (ish) camera then the J1 and V1 really are the only game in town"

MILLIONS of people buy a new camera with EXACTLY these requirements ! People buy cameras because they are going on holiday or having kids and they want to capture the moment.

If the Nikon 1 cameras " really are the only game in town" then the DPR overall score should be weighted to reflect this.

If you want to shoot moving subjects with a small camera in low light than the M43 with the Panasonic pancake F1.7 are the only game in town.

I own a NEX5N. The AF and exposure accuracy out of the camera sucks compared to the Nikon. The Nikon V1 is clearly superior in this respect.

The problem with the V1 as illustrated in the review is that you have no manual control over whether the camera chooses Phase or Contrast AF detection. In less than good lighting it choses Contrast most of the time.

Yet, if you look at the scores, many potential buyers will reject the Nikon and get the Sony simply because of the scoring. This would be a mistake for the MILLIONS of people who specifically want a camera to shoot moving objects in good light - in other words kids and family while on holiday...

Both cameras stink for shooting moving subjects/sports. For that a DSLR...

DPR are guilty in my opinion of forgetting the needs of the purchaser. Lets not forget that the overwhelming majority of camera buyers have SIMPLE needs. They are NOT photo geeks. Yet, many will come to this site in search of guidance.

The overall scores of the DPR review are skewed incorrectly in my opinion for this simple reason.

In the REAL world of casual photographers, the things the Nikon 1 does well trump the more esoteric things that DPR have given too much weight to.

You screwed up , guys.

Sorry, they got it the review from point of view.

And that's coming from a NEX user !!

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