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Re: Methodology for "static" and "dynamic" reviews needed

Great comment
I would say, the N1s are shooters’ cameras.

But I would also agree, that some adjustment of the auto ISO behaviour could prevent p&s upgraders from being thrown off the track. - And make it even more useful for experienced shooters.

AndreasE wrote:

R Butler wrote:

The conclusion makes clear where the Nikon 1's strengths lie and, as we say, for some uses, it's the only game in town. But as a point-and-shoot mirrorless camera (and an expensive one at that) we believe it will let a lot of people down.
Richard -

Thanks for the effort Richard.
Your conclusion is in line with other "static" reviews and assessments.

By "static" I refer to the predominantly lab environment where cameras for compareability have to endure the same tripod-based journey.

Yet, concurrently, quite a few photographers used the camera in an environment where "speed", "motion" and "movement" had a higher priority and gave it in the average a higher ranking.

There seem to be a clear line of distinction between the two approaches and I have the impression that it (the N1) rather fits better in the second camp.

So we have 2 domains:

Cams faring well in the static usage camp and being suboptimal in the dynamic camp.
And vice versa.

Any plans to extend your rather static review process or develop an inclusive methodolgy to pay justice if a cam is just not optimized for those type of lab "benchmarks"?


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