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Re: Too much talk of shortcomings and not enough of capabilities . . . balance is off

The current implementation has advantages also depending on subject and if moving or not. It would be a fairly simple fix in firmware, say 3 modes of auto iso, auto iso "still" with emphasis on lower iso and slower ss where vr can do its magic, auto iso "motion" for high iso and fast shutter, and regular/default which balances the two.

The ability to set the high/low limit for iso would be the icing on the cake for enthusiasts.

Identity wrote:

jack scholl wrote:

IMO Laing, Huff, Mansurovs, Hogan, Galbraith, Odell, and a couple other pro's provided much more balanced reviews.


I think that may be the issue - it seems that serious photographers enjoy the Nikon 1 cameras because they get near-DSLR performance in a compact package, and have no problem working around the firmware issues like the auto-ISO behavior.

But for people moving up from a P&S, I have to grudginly agree that the full auto settings on these cameras (which I never use) are not optimal and can lead to bad, blurry photos in many situations. I don't think it's unreasonable to count this as a major strike against the cameras - I wouldn't, but it's all a matter of perspective.

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