Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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Richard, I think you did a fine job and the good news..... that almost everything you criticised can be fixed in firmware.

In other words the basic physics and engineering are sound, the camera works, it just needs some fine tuning to make it more soccer-mum friendly and it's a real prospect.

I admit I seldom use auto ISO, I shoot primarily in A or S mode, and I use RAW and ACR, and I am very happy with my J1, but I totally get your point.

Of course a lot of fans here are more experienced photographers for whom the shortcomings are not such a big deal, so they probably major on the strengths, which are considerable.

R Butler wrote:

Identity wrote:

Richard, if Nikon did nothing but update the firmware to fix the auto-ISO behavior (prioritize shutter speed over low ISO, perhaps adding a minimum shutter speeds setting in auto-ISO mode), would that push the review score in to the 70-something percent range?

It's hard to predict what it would change the score to, but yes, that would significantly improve the rating.

Richard -

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