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Re: I don't agree - I think DPR messed up

R Butler wrote:

topstuff wrote:

Here is my thinking..

DPR are guilty in my opinion of forgetting the needs of the purchaser. Lets not forget that the overwhelming majority of camera buyers have SIMPLE needs. They are NOT photo geeks. Yet, many will come to this site in search of guidance.

Actually, our concern is that the camera is likely to let down the camera buyer with simple needs. We tried to give credit for the AF system but in the point-and-shoot Auto modes, the camera makes some very odd shutter speed/ISO choices in anything less than good light.

AlbieSky's comment below nails it exactly:

"It's easy for us more experienced shooters, but not so easy for people like my wife."

The conclusion makes clear where the Nikon 1's strengths lie and, as we say, for some uses, it's the only game in town. But as a point-and-shoot mirrorless camera (and an expensive one at that) we believe it will let a lot of people down.

Millions of people will buy one, regardless of what we say but our responsibility to potential buyers is to give a balanced impression of what they're getting. I think the reviewers have done a good job of doing that.

Richard -

On second thought, I realize just how big an issue the auto-ISO behavior is for the more casual photographer crowd. My wife doesn't use my V1 because she often gets blurry shots indoors, and I've tried to explain that she needs to use S mode or set the ISO manually, but those are technical details she just isn't interested in dealing with.

Richard, if Nikon did nothing but update the firmware to fix the auto-ISO behavior (prioritize shutter speed over low ISO, perhaps adding a minimum shutter speeds setting in auto-ISO mode), would that push the review score in to the 70-something percent range?

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