Review of the J1 and V1 are up

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jack scholl
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Too much talk of shortcomings and not enough of capabilities . . . balance is off.

First reaction after a quick read . . .
1. I agree with all the shortcomings regarding modes, firmware, etc, etc

2. Way too much emphasis on what they don't do well and way too little on their current capabilities (and no discussion of the future potential of such a clear superior AF system). We have had both the NEX 5N and 7 and returned them. Neither could have captured the sequence in this post.

3. No discussion on the size/weight advantage of the body/lens combo. Take a look at any 300mm kit and compare it to the V1/30-110. Not even close. We don't take pics with bodies . . .
4. We have seen no penalty in using the FT1 with our D7000 lenses.

The Nikon 1 is clearly a first release. But the fact that "for some uses, it's the only game in town" has been relegated to a footnote in an evaluation of the value of the camera.

IMO Laing, Huff, Mansurovs, Hogan, Galbraith, Odell, and a couple other pro's provided much more balanced reviews.


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