XPro1 misses the mark.

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XPro1 misses the mark.

My take on the Fuji XPro-1 is that it really misses the point.

Let me explain why I say that. The X100 which I am enjoying immensely offers the following, for me at least:

-The Leica experience in a range-finder style camera.
-Tiny body, silent operation.

-In-lens leaf shutter allows for flash synch at 1/4000 sec. (Yes it works fine - I use it often for a gentle fill - beautiful)
-1/10 the price of an M9 + 35/2 Summicron (I used to have an M6+35/2 'cron)

-Nasty fly-by wire focussing (I use manual hyperfocusing for street photography taking advantage of the high ISO performance for good DoF), AF for most other things.
-Fixed lens means well matched optical train and no dust issues.
-Very useful built in ND filter.

-The XPro1 throws away the tiny body for a far bulkier camera and lenses.
-It has a focal plane shutter which is far noisier than the X100,

-It is restricted to 1/180 sec flash synch or whatever, bye bye bright sunny day fill (nobody ever mentions this but it is a massive advantage).
-No ND filter.

-Price for XPro1 and lenses is now starting to look like a bit of an investment. Do you really want to start sinking money iinto a system with that horrible fly-by-wire focus lenses?

It is only APS-C still, just like the X100. Many people will shoot only at a focal length very close to 35mm equiv - they would have been far better off with an X100.

Unless Fuji bring out a full-frame - proper mechanical focus system (they won't now they are invested in the fly-by-wire) I shan't be bothering.

I shall be interested to see how it works out with an M mount adapter though...

My next move is probably to move back to my beloved Leica so I shall save my pennies and enjoy taking great pictures with my X100 until then.

Fujifilm FinePix X100 Fujifilm X-Pro1
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