S100 or SX230 HS & 300 HS Combo

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Re: S100 or SX230 HS & 300 HS Combo

Now this is an interesting thread. Of course magazines & websites frequently compare cameras within the same market segment. However, trying to decide what type of camera to buy in the first place is not so easy.

I currently run a TZ9, but would like improved image quality in low light, whilst still retaining some zoom capability and a compact package. Maybe 8x zoom, as
16x is no use on such a small camera.

The S100 is small, has about 5x zoom & a large sensor. However, the reports on image quality are not so good.
The Olympus XZ1 is more bulky and has limited zoom range.

Now if someone could take the S100 sensor, set a maximum camera size similar to a TZ10, now how much zoom could they squeeze out of the package?

Oh, and I want a camera that wakes up, zooms & shoots quickly.

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