Advice on photo editing software for my situation

Started Jan 3, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Advice on photo editing software for my situation

You said, " Creating a full-size, high quality, high resolution JPEG master after processing will be fine for 99.5% of my shots ... "

You have come to the same conclusion as I and I much prefer the smaller file size and much quicker processing of JPGs. I'm glad to have RAW capability with my new GH2 but I seldom use it.

As for edit software I think there is very good justification spending as much for it as say for a good lens for your new camera. I've been doing photography and using Photoshop for many years. It wasn't until last year that I faced the purchase of full version CS5. (I had been using CS3 that came on a used PC I'd bought.)

I started by getting a good "on-sale" deal on Elements then went on to upgrade to CS5. It still was BIG BUCKS for me a old tightwad retired guy ... but a wise old guy who'd finally figured out while cameras come and go the investment made in software (mainly in time and experience) stays a whole lot longer and has at least if not more value in the image creation process.


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