Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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Re: Total Focus Misses at Hockey Game with D700

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By now, Nadia you are fully aware that the problems lay with your setup, not your equipment. As you note, sports shooting is quite a demanding field. If your arena is typical of amatuer rinks, the lighting is going to be marginal under the best of circumstances. I'm posting not to add to the advice about upping your shutter speed for sports; I think you got it by now. I just wanted to say as a continually frustrated sports shooter myself, don't be discouraged by the people who attempt to berate you for having quality equipment when you still have a long way to go to fully utilize it. Practice every opportunity you get, appreciate whatever advice you can get, and familiarize yourself with the demands of your chosen shooting environment and you'll be ok. Ignore those who carry on as if you have no right to possess the equipment you own.

There is nothing wrong with it, but would someone who has never played an instrument before buy a steinway grand piano? Anything up to £50,000.

Seems a little silly doesn't it...You earn the right to use professional gear. You just look daft playing chopsticks badly on a's the same thing. But hey people will do what they want, I don't mind. In my view, you earn the right to use the pro gear as you grow.

Nope, what sounds silly to me is the idea that we have to earn the right to use "professional equipment." Who decides these things? I mean what is professional equipment? What objectives must be attained before someone is determined qualified to purchase it? Who decides when someone has reached the vaunted category of having earned the right to own it? If I want a full sized grand piano, why not get it, even if I can't locate middle C? Do I have to make incremental steps in the pianos I buy before I get what I really wanted all along? There's no question that Nadia has purchased a camera that far exceeds her knowledge at this stage of her development. So what?

This is a sore point with me because I get really tired of people responding to topics with answers that basically say you're too stupid to own such and such. If someone posts a topic stating, I want to snap photos of my child's birthday party to send to the grandparents for display on a digital photo frame, do I need a D4, then it's fine to point out that they can adequately accomplish that with any number of decent point and shoots. This is not that type of question. The question is what did I do wrong with my equipment, not whether I should have bought this equipment. Nadia recognizes that she has a lot of room to grow into the capabilities of her equipment. Better to aid and encourage her to make that growth, than to disparage her for how she chose to spend HER money.

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