Topics that Inflame Most

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Topics that Inflame Most

Here are things where people seem to be forced to take sides and then get into emotional furries, listed in order of greater to lesser controversy:

1) DSLR vs P&S vs mirrorless. This is a swift path to a brawl. Somehow, medium frame devices avoid the fray. Meanwhile, cell phone cams quietly takeover the earth.

2) Canon and Nikon vs every other brand. The two are always in the spotlight, or in the cross-hairs. Leica also gets (envious) hisses.

3) Noise at high ISO, or use of RAW. Both certainly baffle most people on the planet, but cause a few to resort to exclamation marks and CAPS LOCK.

4) "Real photographers" versus mere mortals, bumpkins, soccer moms, and wannabes.

5) A photograph that wins a prize or sells for a huge sum of money.

6) Why won't Company X make the all-in-one camera that everyone wants and can afford?

7) The converse: why the heck did Company X "sell out" and introduce a cheapie, popular camera that has such great features, including (ugh) video, that dillutes the prestige of "true" cameras?

8) People who author successful photography or camera blogs or pages. They get pilloried or treated like the carnival attraction where people shoot at tin ducks or throw a ball at a target that dunks a clown into the water.

9) Global warming. Combatants on both sides throw off a lot of heat over something that, even if certain, would be hard to solve. Prostate cancer presents similar quandaries, yet males seldom get as ballistic on the topic of diagnosis or treatment, which is sort of strange.

9) The usual incendiaries: religion, politics, war, gun control, capitalism, socialism, etc.

10) Taxation.

Tax policy and collection is as perplexing as anything else, but you can bring up the topic safely with dinner guests, since it's a safe bet that no one enjoys paying taxes or filing out IRS forms. No one will get bitter if you say, "Yes, we should overall the Tax Code." Everyone will nod, without any care about what changes would be best, or how to pay for government, since we would all like to get as much as possible, pay the least we can, and pass the bill to the other guy. T or F?

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