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Re: Owners of the Nikon D3 ...

Nice to read someone with the same thoughts without invoking the childishness that goes on here. The confidence thing is very important I can operate my D3 blindfold the user ergonomics are very intuitive and therefore easy and quick to change something.

What I cannot understand for the life of me is that the camera had the pro marketing spin and yes it does take remarkable pictures, but clearly putting out a camera to market with a daft software interface and a manual focus that doesn't work , in my view was a huge faux pas. The inability to take on board the user criticisms by Fuji, again in my mind is another faux pas, because I for one will not give them anymore money because of the attitude over the x100.

Many on this forum took umbridge over what I said it was not against the camera but against the corporation for treating customers buying a flagship product in such a poor way.

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