Recommendations for a second lens? I already have a 18-200mm IS lens

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Re: Recommendations for a second lens? I already have a 18-200mm IS lens

tkfourtwoone wrote:

I have a Canon 60D, which I use for all types of photography - kids at home, family parties and events, indoor performances on stage, outdoor animals at the zoo, travel, etc. I also use it for some video of the toddlers too.

I guess I'm after a lens that will enable me to try new things e.g. macro or wide angle... but I'm open to further suggestions too.

I'm quite a novice at photography, but am really enjoying my new hobby!

Though I understand where you're coming from, I'd hardly call that "all types" of photography. Where is the sports, wildlife, macro, formal portraits to go with your other activities? I think you've been slacking.

Joking aside, its best to wait until you find an area that you really want to get into before you drop a quite significant amount of money on a new lens. Good lenses aren't cheap.

Use your 18-200 as much as you can, its a very adaptable focal length, and learn more about photography while you can. Start saving a little bit of money to put away for a new lens when you feel you're ready for one.

Your 18-200 is already reasonably wide (not very, consider maybe the 15-85 of 10-22) and reasonable at macro (~1:4 macro). Not a particularly fast lens but it has IS which does help.

In terms of new directions, think about maybe the 100 Macro (L if you can afford it) for portraits, low light abilities and macro work. But even the non-L isn't a particularly cheap lens and it will be limiting in certain ways on a crop sensor like the 60D has.

Most of all, take time to enjoy taking photos with the equipment you have!

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