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Re: D800 AA filter

We forget very quickly how things progress, you are right.

In my photographic lifetime, the two top cameras for consumer SLR users when I began were the newly released Pentax ME Super and the Canon AE1.

No AF, 1000/sec top shutter, no winder (unless you added one), Program and Aperture priority only.

Now we gnash our teeth if the LCD chimping screen has less pixels than a 50" TV....!

Heck, when I left Uni in 1990 and started real work, we had no mobile phones, no computers on our desks, had never heard of the internet or email and had secretaries to do our typing - a mere 22 years ago!!

Daniel Villiers wrote:

It is extraordinary how people are. 3 years ago we got the 24 megapixel d3x which was hailed as having extraordinary resolution. Now we have a 36 megapixel camera and now people are making as if it is a lame duck. The aa less d800 will have higher resolution but the normal d800 also will be the highest resolution full frame camera that has ever existed with an AA filter, which means everyone until now and by a big margin.

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Alalalala when are they going to see the light.


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