Disappointed about the G3

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Re: Disappointed about the G3

Hi, I just received my black G3 kit a couple of days ago from B&H. Great little camera.

As much as I like 43rumors.com, I think their post about "G3 discontinued" was irresponsible and possibly incorrect. I have yet to see any true evidence that the G3 was discontinued.

The only evidence is that the color kits and body-only options are now discontinued at B&H. That's it. Actually, they have been discontinued at B&H for more than a month already, so it's not really news.

There could be many other reasons, more related to US distribution strategy and supply issues. The black kit is still available at B&H (although temporarily OOS, so you'll have to wait and see), and there is no evidence in any of Panasonic's websites about G3 being discontinued.

And anyway, even if the G3 does get discontinued in the near future, so what? It's only natural that the line-up get refreshed about every year.

The G3 kit at $580 is possibly the best value in m3/4 at the moment, and possibly the best deal you'll get before it is really discontinued.

Get one.

P.S. Hello everyone! First post in this forum (now that I got the G3 ). Coming from (and still owning) a Pentax DSLR system.

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