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Re: Another expensive digital camera...

As far as the new Fuji goes, and where it fits in re. the M9:

On paper the X Pro 1 looks like it might a decent substitute for a M8, but I don't think it would stand in for a M9. 35mm vs. aps-c is the first thing to look at, and after shooting aps-c sensor cameras alongside 35mm, the difference in DoF at the same low apertures is obvious.

While the X-Trans CMOS with no AA filter looks good on paper, the samples are not making me jump up and down. They don't have the same kind of micro-detail that I see in the M9, the Ricoh GXR, or even the Sigma DP cameras. Mind you, we haven't seen raw samples processed by a computer yet, so I'm open to how that turns out.

The high ISO capabilities of the X Pro 1 are obvious, and way in front of the M9. The hybrid OVF looks good, as does the ergonomics. I prefer a bit of a grip on my cameras and I use a leather case with slight grip on my M9, so the grip on the Fuji looks good, too. Autofocus is a draw for me, as there have been times when I'd wished that the M9 had AF. Add in full HD video with facial tracking and the overall package seems great.

For me, though, the M9 is enough. It suits most situations that I shoot in, and for those that it doesn't, I use the Ricoh GXR, either with AF modules or the M-mount module.

I should hope that the X Pro 1 provides a decent focus peaking feature, as this is essential for focusing manual lenses in a EVF or LCD. Buying it and hoping to use M-mount lenses on it without focus peaking would be a real crap shoot (pun intended).
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