G1x is a fail and here's why...

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Re: Here Is The Problem In A Nutshell... Sony NEX C3 With Kit Zoom $549..............

jimr wrote:

I appreciate your very true comments written with class and dignity. Thank you!

If we look at MSRP at launch of each of the products at launch..you are 100% correct.

The real world current prices are what we are capable of comparing now.

I assume that that G-X1 will be selling at MSRP at launch. IF it falls quickly we have a whole new ballgame quickly....I don't expect that to happen in the early months..but who knows...it might...

IF the G-X1 sells for $650 I believed it will sell very very well. If I saw it at $650 today I might very well join the line.. If it remains at $799 ...given the other real world prices out there now...I believe it will be a hard case to make to many consumers but surely not to all by any means...

Time will tell...Right or wrong...We shall see what happens to the street price of each of these cameras...and how much of a premium people will be willing to pay.

The market place will speak and our guesses will turn out to be right or wrong...

The answer might very well be different 2 months from now. 6 months from now and a year from now as the prices change..or don't change...

And thank you for your thank you...

Another interesting price point is the Panasonic GX-1, which is in a similar category to the Canon and Sony products (at least for what I'm looking at), and which dpreview used in some of their comparisons re: dimensions. With the current 14-42 kit lens, the list price is the same as the Canon G1X, $799, and that's what it's selling for at B&H (in fact, the black version is out of stock). It sounds like this has the potential to be a really nice camera, but with that lens, it has size considerations similar to the NEX system (leaving aside other questions of zoom length, aperture, etc etc).

Note however, that's not the Panasonic version dpreview used in their comparisons. They used the GX-1 with the new, shortly to be released 14-42 (compact) power zoom - and the list price for that very appealing setup is (ouch) $949.

My feeling is, assuming the final G1X reviews are positive, there's a big enough market for what it specifically has to offer, and the price isn't so out of line with other similar options (e.g., large sensor cameras), that it will sell very well. I wouldn't expect to see the price even down to $700 for a while, and I'm not hoping for $650.

I'll really be curious to see what happens with the pricing for the Panasonic GX1 with the new power zoom. Given it's pedigree along the lines of the GF-1, and it's very compact form factor, I could see it as a very serious competitor to the Canon G1X - if it were the same price. And it may still be, for people willing to go to yet the next level of cost (and depending upon individual needs and preferences).

And of course, other companies do have, and may come out with, additional offerings. Rumor has it that Olympus has a new compact, high-end camera ready to be unveiled. As you say, time will tell! Should be a very interesting year.

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