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Re: Buy Kodak

AnandaSim wrote:

But since 1976, the transition of Kodak from film to digital has not been well planned. It's like a juggernaut trundling along on inertia in a direction - everyone can see where it's headed by no one can stop it, the onlookers, the driver,

What amazed me were the simply ridiculous decisions about the product range early on in the Perez phase... lets face was the most important phase...which started with the killing off of the Kodak dSLR's...the ones that Nasa took into space...then the killing of the prestigious prosumer range, and their most prestigious films to focus on cameras that were being bettered (or were simply good enough) by cameras in a million different brands of phones that found their way into the pockets/bags of every man woman and child on the planet ( almost!)...what were they thinking? ((shaking his head in amazement!!))

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