Leica SF58 TTL or Nikon SB800?

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Re: Leica SF58 TTL or Nikon SB800?

Hello and thank you very much for your details!

The SF58 with TTL is really tempting...but after looking at some flash use examples on You Tube, I am not sure if I really need TTL...

It seems if the Flash can measure the light itself...then A mode is enough. So...I begin to hardly see the advantage of using TTL...so it becomes harder for me to justify a SF58 purchase.

About my shooting style, I do mostly Zone focusing. So I tend to adapt my aperture on the area where I am...and then I tend not to change it (generally F4 when shooting at dusk and F8 when shooting day light.)

Because I do zone focusing when shooting, I guess using a Flash in A mode would be quite easy for me...as I just need to set my flash parameters once (i.e.: Aperture set on the lens, and my Isos, and then I am ready...if I understand well).

But...this is just theory...As I've never tried using a flash before! I am afraid about my capabilities to use a flash without TTL.

Do you know how the SF58 compare in size with a similar specs Nikon or Canon flash?

Ah...it is hard^^
As those flashes are expensive...I do not want to make a mistake!

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