G1x is a fail and here's why...

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Re: Here Is The Problem In A Nutshell... Sony NEX C3 With Kit Zoom $549..............

jimr wrote:

My concept of the market says Canon G12 $399. Canon G 1X $799. Twice the price..$400 difference....
NEX C3 (with kit zoom) Larger sensor than G-1 X $549.

With all due respect, your numbers are not quite right.

List price of Canon G1X - $799

Original list price of Canon G12 - $499

Original list price of Sony NEX C3 (with kit zoom) - $649

Here's the link from dpreview's August 2011 review of the NEX C3, although dcresource and Amazon also show the same list price information (price at the top of the page):


It also appears from the Sony website that there's a "sale" of $50 off, which is reflected in the price of $549 at B&H (through March 3) and probably also at Amazon. Without this, it appears the current C3 price with kit zoom would be $599.

So the list price difference between the C3 and G1X is actually $150, not $250. This doesn't change the original question of the differing values people place on the competing features, but does show the G1X is not quite as far out of the ballpark.

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