Fuji X Pro 1 pricing????

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Re: Fuji X Pro 1 pricing????

HeavyDuty wrote:

whtchocla7e wrote:

HeavyDuty wrote:

How is a crappy zoom in any way equivalent to a quality fast prime? Compare it against the NEX 7 with the 24 if you want to be honest about it.

Quality prime? Show us your samples then.

You're seriously saying the Zeiss isn't a quality optic, especially compared to the Sony kit zoom? You show samples, big guy - I don't even own a NEX, but at least I'm honest enough to understand that all makers can make good glass.
Ken in Illinois

Well I won't argue against the "quality" label, but all of the samples I've seen, along with reviews (i.e. Steve Huff's "not clinically sharp" comment) show me that while it's a good lens compared to the rest of the NEX library, it's not worth $1000. Especially not at that size!

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