Kodak gone but what about film ?

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Re: Kodak gone but what about film ?

kb2zuz wrote:

Chapter 11 doesn't necessarily mean the end. You can still buy Kodak film at the moment, and who knows what will happen. They are still selling movie film stock so for the time being it might be possible that another company will buy up Kodak's film production (and maybe even the rights to use the Kodak name) theres a chance you won't notice any change.

Even if it truly is the worst case, there are still other manufacturers. Fuji is making a ton of film still, and smaller companies such as lomography have started up (though I'm not sure if they are making their own or contracting others). If the Kodak plants completely shut down, I'd expect to see a couple smaller companies start up... while there may not be enough of a market to support a large corporation, there is enough market to support a few smaller manufacturers... While right now there are only a handful of color film manufacturers, there are more B&W film manufacturers.

Lomography film is made by Ferrania in Italy, it appears to be the same film used in a lot of own brand single use cameras and other own brand films (the edge markings on the negatives, and the white on black text on the film cassette are distinctive)

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