Shutter life/failure on the NEX's.....

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It will be in the 100k's

The camera will more than likely be out-dated before a shutter replacement, aside from a few that are on the edge of the bell-curve. The whole shutter life thing is a legacy issue before they came out with electronic shutters and possibly when they first came out with them.

As a historical reference, the old shutters were kind of like a wind-up toy. The film advance lever wound up springs, which were then released by the shutter button, and there was a whole mess of counter-weights, strings, pulleys, going all over the inside of the camera in order to make it work properly. A pretty outstanding mechanism. If you really want to be blown away, buy an old Minolta SRT 101 off of eBay, working or not does not matter, and take it apart. It's insane. Then, find an old Minolta X-9 or the like and take it apart. You will be blown away as to how much was eliminated.

One way to find out would be to get the part number of the shutter assembly and see if it is the same as in any of the other Minolta/Sony DSLRs. They may have published more info on the previous full-body DSLRs over the NEX.

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