Leica SF58 TTL or Nikon SB800?

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Canon 580 EXII ?

hi Michel

have you considered that canon flash as well ? I have it and seriously it's a good one.

it's powerful and it's has also it's own lightmeter mode. you set up the ISO, aperture and focal on the flash and it can determine the adequate power it needed.
otherwise it's fully manual off course.

the leica flash also lacks a x-sync port just fyi if you need to use PW or elichrom...you can always add adapter but more to carry


Michel Pont wrote:

Hello Dear all,

I would like an advise about a flash for my Leica M.

I am planning to buy a flash and use it with a off shoe cord.

I didn't find much information about the SF58 on the internet, except people saying it is overpriced and it is a copy of a METZ flash.

As I understand so far, as I am new to flash use, the SF58 is TTL so it means It can measure the light via the M body and the flash will get the proper exposure.

If I do not want to use it TTL, does this SF58 work in A mode too? Is there something on the flash itself to measure the light?

Then, I found threads where people use Nikon SB800 on Leica M. It do not have TTL, but as I understand it can be used in A mode. Basically, the only difference between the Leica and the Nikon are that the Leica has TTL. They are almost same price but I've also heard the Leica flash is a bit harder to use properly.

I would like to know if some people around here have both or one of these flash and what are their suggestion/experience worse sharing with them to help me at decision making.


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