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Sensor Manufacturing

So basically everyone has explained sensor manufacturing and tried to sum everything up. Here's my attempt, adding a few bits of info and missing a lot, I'm sure:

Take a Circle, cut it into 80 square sensors.
Test 80 square sensors if they run. Dump the completely inoperable ones.
Take remaining sensors and test all 16 million photosites.

  • Dump the sensors with too many dead pixels

  • Take the sensors with little to few defects and bin at the highest price

  • Take the sensors with a lot of defects and sell them at the cheapest price

Depending on how mature your manufacturing is, you might get a 90% yield.

But now imagine if you had a larger sensor. You'd maybe fit 40 sensors on a wafer/circle.

  • Dump the completely busted ones

  • Test all 16 million photo sites, maybe more on an FF

  • And now since each sensor is now physically larger, there is MORE of a chance of a failure in the chip.

That is the semiconductor rule of thumb -> The larger the semi conductor the more chance of failure.

Definitely not linear.

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