Fuji X Pro 1 pricing????

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Re: Fuji X Pro 1 pricing????

I am not sure who will buy it at that price.
It has nothing special...except very good isos...
For that price range you can get much more professional stuff in Canon or Nikon.

Fuji says it is aimed for Pros...what pro shoot prime lenses today? And what pro want a slow AF speed like this?

Most of them use zoom with fixed aperture...and let say a 50 or a 35 bright prime just in case...

Moreover, for a Pro offering...let me ask where is the flash system which goes with the Fuji X1?


Again...a Poor man's Leica with crazy Iso...as well as Crazy price despite cheaper than a Leica. Maybe for photojournalists...? But I feel it is a bit big...M9 is quite big camera nowadays for journalists. I work often with journalists and most of them just have Canon G series in their pockets. Why? Cuz it is small...but has full controls over camera...and is sufficient for printing on newspaper or web.

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