GRD III still kicking

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Re: GRD III still kicking

Thanks for all the comments, folks. I love this camera.


Christian, if Ricoh just would make a simple teleconvertor, like a 2X, making the GRD a56 mm or about that, nothing could stop me from buying one.

From the replies on GRDs , seems the non zoom is both th ebest feature in it, and the worst feature at the same time,

meanwhile, many brands are popping out by the dozen serious compacts with a minimal zoom (3x to 5 x) with similar sensor at the same price level.

Although GRDs are magic, i think Ricoh must think about such a tele, or re-introducing the GR300, which will never happen, as the GXR is supposed to be the GX successor.

If you read that translated interview that was posted here recently, there is some talk of adding zoom to the GRD line. Now that would interest me a lot!

By the way, the pics are great, again incredible IQ out of a small sensor, the first one is a lucky catch.

Thanks for sharing

And thanks for your comments. That first image with the kissing couple was practically like something out of a movie. And with the GRD III (or IV) you will always be able to grab it, even in darkness, as Snap mode is available.
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