Is there a primer for NEX and manual lenses?

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Re: Is there a primer for NEX and manual lenses?

The manual lenses that you can use on a NEX camera are pretty much limited by your budget.

One exception is the wide rangefinder lenses that are of a Biogon design and other lenses with a similarly close back focus distance. The NEX-5n and the NEX-C3 work favorably with these but the rest of the NEX series, including the NEX-7, have some corner issues due to the high beam inclination angle in the corners.

As a rule, SLR lenses are larger and require a longer adapter than rangefinder lenses. Also, rangefinder lenses are generally sharper. These features make the rangefinder lenses more attractive on the NEX. The tradeoff is that they are more expensive.

The manual focus SLR lenses can be had for very cheap. For example, the Rokkor 50mm 1.7 and the Canon 50mm 1.8 FD go on ebay for under $30 and their optical performance is similar to the Sony 50mm 1.8 e-mount (to my eyes). Of course, they are not autofocus and have no OIS ...

Autofocus lenses are another matter. Many will simply not work because they are all electric and their electronics are not compatible with the NEX. This includes all other mirrorless cameras, such as the micro 4/3, Nicon 1 system, etc..

You can use all Sony A mount autofocus lenses with the Sony adapters.

As of yesterday, you can use Canon ef mount lenses with the new Metabones EF-Nex adapter. This adapter solves the problem posed by the electronic aperture.

I don't know anything about Nicon autofocus SLR lenses.

As for what you want, you will need to determine that yourself. If you are new to photography, I would suggest that you begin with the kit lens and find out what it can do.Then, as others have suggested, read up on alternatives to find out what kind of look you prefer.

I think that the NEX is a unique and interesting camera in that it is a platform on which you can successfully use a myriad of lenses. This capability makes it easy, when comparing different camera systems, to determine exactly which characteristics can be attributed to the lens.

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