Best Leica lens for landscape?

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Re: Best Leica lens for landscape?

david nix wrote:

I'm dumping my Nikon DSLR gear and buying a Sony nex 7. I shoot landscapes almost exclusively. What would be your choice for the best Leica lens. I can only afford one so I want to make the right choice because all their lens are expensive.

If you're looking for wide-angle FoV, I'd either look for a WATE (Wide-Angle Tri-Elmar 16-18-21mm f/4) or stick with Leica R lenses rather than M lenses. Until there's more data from users working with M lenses on the NEX 7, I'm not convinced that it is the best body for short-focal length, near-symmetric RF lens designs. The Leica R lenses are hard to beat on quality, many are at least as fine on performance as the M lenses.

One very credible source who actually has the NEX 7 and a WATE has said the combination works brilliantly so I'm comfortable to recommend that. The WATE is essentially a zoom lens of an extraordinarily high caliber and is a fairly heavily retrofocus design, not "near symmetric".

(I'd probably love to have one of these for the M9 too, but one massive equipment purchase per year is my limit ...! The rest of the year I eat Ramen noodles and make photographs ... :-))

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