Best Leica lens for landscape?

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David, Re: Best Leica lens for landscape?


May I suggest you take a look at the pictures you've taken with your Nikkon gear and have a better idea of focal lengths for the lens/es used.

There were early reviews indicating that Nex 7 can have color shift/magenta cast for symmetric design RF lenses, e.g. ZM Biogons, many CV lenses, Leica compact lenses (28/2.8, 18/3.8, 24/3.8, 21/3.4), a problem which 5N/C3 don't have. Watch out.

Paul Richman (He has several posts here recently) just acquired the Nex 7 and Leica WATE (Tri-Elmar 16-18-21/4), and other Leica lenses. He seems to be very happy with the combo, but he hates the holes in the filter adapter. You can ask him for more details.


david nix wrote:

I'm dumping my Nikon DSLR gear and buying a Sony nex 7. I shoot landscapes almost exclusively. What would be your choice for the best Leica lens. I can only afford one so I want to make the right choice because all their lens are expensive. Thanks.

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