Best Leica lens for landscape?

Started Jan 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Best Leica lens for landscape?

david nix wrote:

You must be having a bad day or do you just like to be heretical!

The day is fine, I'm just trying to be helpful. A cheap lens that's tuned to its sensor will almost surely give you better images than a good lens that's not. That's the dirty little secret of adapters and third-party lenses.

I'm not a fan of Steve Huff usually, as he tends to write the same things over and over, but he did a service and posted the results of wide-angle Leica lenses on the NEX7,

The results are plain to see. I'd rather shoot with the kit lens at the wide end than with the multi-thousand dollar 21mm Leica with that body.

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