Has anyone moved from Olympus E510 to Canon 60D?

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Re: Has anyone moved from Olympus E510 to Canon 60D?

Thanks for all your advice. The Canon 60D seems the way to go. I really want the reach of the 100-400L but I will think awhile on that. I'm still unsure about the micro-adjust thing. In the Uk the shops don't seem to keen on returning items. I'm not sure that they will keep letting me return them until I find a satisfactory one.

After reading on another thread that some people use micro adjust alot and can be useful as lenses get older and also on non canon lenses, it is a shame that 60D doesn't have it. I think I might have bought it by now if it did. 7D is too heavy and doesn't have articulated screen and too expensive, and by the sound of it too complicated.

The 70-200 F4 is a bit expensive for its short range.
The Tamron 100-300 VC looks interesting.

I'll probably start with a wide lens at 15 or 18 ie 15-85 or 18 - 85 or 18-135 or 18-200 whilst I think about which long lens to get.

Now I have to weight up the justification of buying another camera system. Luckily I only have to convince myself that the 60D will be a significant improvement and worth the expense. But there will be comments if I do get it, other family members' hobbies are horses and mine is photography and cats. On the subject of which this years vet bills have cost half a camera!

Thanks again for the comments and advice.

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