Electricity leaking from pc?

Started Jan 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Electricity leaking from pc?

Hi everybody!

Approximately a week ago I began receiving small electric discharges when I touch the cabinet on the computer or anything connected to the machine in any way.

The discharge is also released not only from the cabinet, but the items connected to the computer.

I have tried disconnecting everything, to see if f ex an external sound card was at fault, but to no avail.

It seems I get an electric discharge when the machine is somehow using anything external connected to the motherboard, f ex the mouse.

I have tried using it on a different electric circuit, no difference, so the circuit in the building is out of the equation. And I also run my laptop on the same circuit and no problems.

The only time I did not receive a discharge, was when I had disconnected everything, even the mouse, and just let it run. I tried the same with only the mouse connected and in use, no monitor, nothing else, and again there was an electric discharge.

I think I have ruled out myself as well, because I do not experience this with any other items in my studio. It only happens when the pc uses one of the connections on the MB. But it seems that the charge needs a little time to build up, if I touch it and get a discharge I won´t get another discharge until a little while later.

Later today I will try another PSU, to see if this will help. If not I suspect the motherboard.

Feels a bit spooky, I am not to fond of electricity going somewhere it is not supposed to.

What could possibly be causing this?

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