X-S1 Arrived Today!

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Several weeks ago, I stated that the XS-1 would likely be my next camera... once they'd worked the normal bugs out of it and the prices dropped some. At that time I'd hoped the slower lens than the X10 might mitigate the Orbocity of the sensor somewhat, however the samples in this thread and elsewhere all seem to indicate otherwise. I certainly hope that whatever "fix" they issue for the X10 will also migrate over to the XS1, but as to how good of a fix that will be on either camera remains to be seen. I already have (two!) S100FS cameras and nothing I've seen thus far has convinced me I want to move to the X series. When not shooting macro, I normally find myself between 100 and 300 mm equiv zoom on my S100fs, and I'm not thinking I'd use much longer range of the X-S1 a whole lot.

I seem to recall people stating that to make the 2/3 sensor of the X100fs into a longer zoom you'd need a lens that expanded out like a Pringles can, but the X-S1 isn't quite that bad, but I think it's about as good as you can get. I have to wonder what the image-stabilized Super CCD of the S100FS would do behind the lens of the X-S1... would that take care of the much-less-than-Orbs-annoying purple fringing issue?

More and more... I'm thinking I'll wait for the whatever sensor and models that replace the X 10/S1 before I upgrade.

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