Why Pentax dslr?

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back in the good old days that is, when the pentax service was a mere 20 minutess away from home....
they moved but what the .... cant be too bad the future servicing???
lets stay...

unfortunately service is not a prime reason anymore. now why stay then? well I invested quite a, lot but I do have a few items alsmost eveybody would like to have so I could sell and move on without too much pain.... so why not move on....

have you ever held another camera of another brand? seems like those things are made for giants.... especially if you are after my other reason for staying, the WR thingy...

you could go Oly but the smallest WR packages of "the other ones"is stil AFAIK ithe D700 with a huge lens. I had the opportunity to try it and I wont coimplain about IQ but it seems the beast is twice as big as my K5 with appropriate lens...

would that FF sensor really cause it to be THAT big? Then why are Nikons APS models also bigger? and if the size is necessary for the FF sensor? a very good reason to keep at least a decent APS-sized line of camera's/

also, the WR Pentax kits are cheaper than WR kist of other brands...

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