Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8 or 135/1.8?

Started Jan 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8 or 135/1.8?

nemofin wrote:

if i would have to sell all my lenses ( 4 zeiss + 70-200G ) but leave one, it would be 135/1.8cz.

Its the best lens in a mount!

But, you need to think that does the 135 prime suite your shooting-style or does 24-70 do it better? No need to say that 24-70cz is also amazing lens and mine copy is razor blade sharp!

It's kind of like are you building a lens collection to set on a shelf and brag about or are you building a lens system you want to use in your photography? The 135 may be (to some) the best lens in the world, but it's still only suited to 135mm photography and nothing else. Even 24-70 is a pretty short range of focal lengths to work with, but more possible compositions than a single focal length lens.

To me lenses are working tools, not bragging rights.

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