Putting e=mount lenses in perspective

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Re: Putting e=mount lenses in perspective

At one level, I agree with you: Things don't need to be perfect and imperfection can even be fun. I just snapped a few photos with my $36 rainbow imaging CCTV lens (also goes by many other names) and the blurry corners and swirly, weird bokeh were kind of fun.

At another level, I think Sony should do better for $250 and I don't think it's good for Sony, or their customers, in the long run for people to be rationalizing away the issues with this lens. The issues are real.

The imaging resource had an interview with a Sony rep. and the comments were quite interesting. Apparently, the industry assumed that the mirrorless market would initially be dominated by people upgrading from P&S cameras and they didn't realize how important the enthusiast portion of the market would be. In this context, it's not surprising that Sony would cut some corners on the IQ. Now it's time to tell Sony that the need to step up their game and face the reality of who their customers really are. I don't think apologizing for bad quality or attacking the people who notice it is the right approach here.


Note that pointing out the issues with the Sony's products seems to have produced results with the 18-55. The QC on that lens seems to have improved. The QC on the 16mm 2.8 seems to have improved a bit too, but it's still not there.

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